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2018 - 2019 SEASON

September 7 -30: Nancy Caldwell November 9 - December 16: Althea Rowe
January 25 - February 17: Gary Nay February 21- March 16: George Abramishvili
March 29 - April 21: Sharai Mustatia May 2 - 25: Robin Ripley
June 7 - 30: Tatjana Mirkov-Popovicki July/August: George Dart

Aberthau Potters

Aberthau Potters is a diverse group of people drawn together in their curiosity about clay, be it through hand-building, wheel-throwing or sculpture. Formed in 1974, the history of Aberthau Potters is intertwined with Aberthau Mansion and the founding of the West Point Grey Community Centre. On the 30th Anniversary of the Club its history was documented by then President Suzanne Starr and long-time member Maria Tomsich.

Today the thriving potters club has over 50 members and associates sharing ideas, techniques and studio space. The club organizes workshops and other learning opportunities for its members, maintains a resource library and offers two public sales per year. The Club is a registered BC Society and operates in association with the West Point Grey Community Centre.

September 7 - 30

Nancy Caldwell - Photographer

Nancy Caldwell is a student in the Langara College photography certificate program.

mages of Morocco
Morocco is a study in contrasts, at once a country of medinas and souks and long standing traditions complemented by 21st century technology. These photographs were shot in Rabat, Fes, Ait Benhaddou and Essaouira over three weeks in May.

November 3 - December 16

Althea Rowe - Painter

Althea has been painting all her life (a long time!). She has painted large backdrops for the stage for United Players and Peninsula Players of Sechelt. and has exhinited in many places, most recently in Aphrodites restaurant.
January 19 - February 11

Gary Nay - Artist

A selection of my whimsical lower mainland landscapes.Framed prints, prints on canvas and paintings.

Gary Nay is a self-taught artist living and working in Tsawwassen, BC. He recently quit his day job as a stock broker to pursue his passion for art. Gary is an active and award winning member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. He is on the forefront of digital painting and loves the freedom and spontaneity this medium allows. His whimsical style is playful and colourful but with an irreverent and thought-provoking edge. Artist Statement I call this collection 'Landscapes from the Edge where my fiction meets your reality. I like to take familiar subjects and places, twist them around, and make them my own. They often evoke a dystopian future or an unattainable, fondly-remembered past. My limited edition prints are both collectible and affordable. I love to give people the opportunity to own and display original art as an expression of themselves.

February 21 - March 16

George Abramishvili - Painter

George's graphics are based on an exploration of the self. Finding inspiration in the events and the people in the artist's life, this collection is an autobiography with each painting telling a unique story of wonder, adventure, friendship, love and loss.

The use of darkness of the India ink keeps the viewer grounded while the juxtaposition of the gold paint seems to reach for the intangible: the memory, the subconscious, the dream.

Similar to the interplay of the gold and the ink, the paintings explore many dualities: nature versus urban, feminine versus masculine, the real versus the surreal.

There is no conflict between these dichotomies but rather they can be seen as complementing each other - implying the need of the other to exist.

The collection's unified style is sustained throughout, but the theme subtly changes as the artist grows from his experiences.

George Abramishvili was born in 1964 in Russia and grew up in Tbilisi, Georgia (former Soviet Union).

Escaping a war torn country in 1994, George brought his family to British Columbia. Since 2005 George has been living and drawing in Vancouver. This exhibition gives us a chance to see paintings in gold-and-black, which became George's signature style.

March 23 - April 15

Sharai Mustatia (princess shredder)- Photographer

Film photographs of areas in Vancouver, BC. These experimental photographs represent the inside of the mind of a person navigating their way through the world, while living with complex post traumatic stress. There are many layers and things are not always clear upon first glance. The closer you look, the more detail you see. Landmarks and details are uncovered, the longer you gaze into the image. Clarity only begins to come, when one takes the time to see, thus creating a kind of recovery from the confusion of living with trauma.

princess shredder is a Metis/Cree/Romanian emerging writer and photographer who captures pictures predominantly on the streets and with film.

through film photography princess shredder has found a powerful way to cope with life-long complex post traumatic stress. shooting pictures helps princess shredder feel connected to other humans and life in a way that no other thing has ever been able to accomplish. all editing is in camera and through using experimental films and techniques.

princess shredder will continue to develop skills for film photography without the use of digital manipulation because it is the work and effort put into the analogue images created, that are the keys to a successful recovery process.

one of princess shredder's favourite subjects to shoot on film is street art. permanently capturing an art form that is impermanent, and putting a unique visual spin on it, is a major influence in healing from complex ptsd

May 2 - 25

Robin Ripley - Mixed Media Artist

Using a variety of media, my work draws attention to the often overlooked. The language of objects and the way people connect with the common materials that surround them has been a recurring theme in my work.

My use of salvaged materials mirrors my interest in both their formal material qualities and their cultural history, while also reflecting my environmental concerns.

Since graduating from Emily Carr I have exhibited regularly and participated in a variety of collaborative and community art projects. My work is found in both private and public collections.

June 1 - 24

Tatjana Mirkov-Popovicki - Painter

Landscape paintings inspired by the beauty of British Columbia

Tatjana Mirkov-Popovicki is a Canadian landscape painter based in Port Moody, British Columbia, where she emigrated from Serbia in 1994. Although her childhood was filled with drawing, the challenging reality of her native country made her choose education in science. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and pursued a Hi-Tech career. As soon as she settled in Canada, she embraced visual art as her career of passion.

The Canadian Landscape enchanted Tatjana from the very first days in her new homeland. Her paintings begin with immersion in nature as she hikes up a mountain, walks through a forest, or beachcombs in a secluded cove. She takes photographs and makes quick sketches on her trips. Back in the studio, she uses the acrylic medium to concoct chromatic mixtures and organic forms, capturing the awe-inspiring scenes found in the Great Canadian Outdoors.

Tatjana is a Past President, a Senior Signature Artist (SFCA) and an Honorable Lifetime Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. Her paintings have been exhibited, collected and represented by art galleries since 2005.

July - August

George Dart - Photography

Making Nature

Our relationships with nature are increasingly uneasy; through these works I am bringing us up close to a new version of the natural world, thereby asking the viewer to reconsider the mysteries of what it means to be animal and human.

The works are 8x10 archival inkjet prints - frame size 16x20.

Retired fine arts instructor, 30 years. Vancouver set designer from 1997-2005. Solo and group shows: Ferry Building Gallery, Burnaby Art Gallery, the Cultch Gallery. Collections of UBC,SFU and various private collecctions. Upcoming: Ferry Building Gallery, 2019; Cultch Gallery 2019

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