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2016 - 2017 SEASON

September 2 - 25: Poesis Ilies October 6 - 22: Jeff Wilson
November 4 - 27: Enda Bardell December 8 - 2: Mary Bennett
January 19 - February 12: C. Vander Paula February 13 - March 13: Marilyn Foubert
March 24 - April 16: Grazyna Wolski April 26 - May 20: John R. Taylor
June 2 - 25: Lisa Penz July 13 - August 18: Martine Gourbault

Aberthau Potters

Aberthau Potters is a diverse group of people drawn together in their curiosity about clay, be it through hand-building, wheel-throwing or sculpture. Formed in 1974, the history of Aberthau Potters is intertwined with Aberthau Mansion and the founding of the West Point Grey Community Centre. On the 30th Anniversary of the Club its history was documented by then President Suzanne Starr and long-time member Maria Tomsich.

Today the thriving potters club has over 50 members and associates sharing ideas, techniques and studio space. The club organizes workshops and other learning opportunities for its members, maintains a resource library and offers two public sales per year. The Club is a registered BC Society and operates in association with the West Point Grey Community Centre.

September 2 - 25

Poesis Ilies - Visual Artist

Poesis is a Vancouver-based visual artist working from her studio in the West End. She studied drawing and painting at Emily Carr University of Art and urban design at Fraser University.

Poesis" art is a refelection of her continuous exploration of new techniques in a variety of media and their compatibility with unconventional surfaces. Her style of work ranges from figurative to pure abstract. The images she creates are expressions of feelings, ideas and state of mind influenced by life events and surroundings.

The works of "No Seconds in a Day" series attempt to examine the issue of ephemerality of life in the perpetuity of time. They are abstracts with geometrical elements that resemble the mechanical pieces of a clock. The works were created on various surfaces using dry media, acrylics and mixed media.

More of Poesis' art work can be seen at

October 8 - 24

Jeff Wilson - Painter
Jeff Wilson is a painter based in Vancouver, BC. He has created a number of painting collections that exhibit in public galleries across BC, AB & WA State. These cover a broad range of subjects, including the people and urban landscape in Vancouver, together with animal portraits, working vehicles, heritage neon signage and the Shetland Islands. He completed his first artist residency in 2014 at the Booth in Shetland.  The resulting collection of paintings exhibited at the Maple Ridge Art Gallery and Gibsons Public Art Gallery.  Jeff is confirmed to attend the Art in the Park residency in August 2016, operated by Parks Canada and Revelstoke Visual Arts Society.

The Vancouver Foundation awarded him two DTES Small Arts Grants, to create a collection of paintings illustrating Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside neighbourhood, then publish a book of the work.  This work has exhibited at the Espana Gallery, The Cultch, Firehall Arts Centre, and is scheduled to show at the Smithers Art Gallery in 2016 and Okotoks Art Gallery in 2017.

Jeff was a Finalist in the Saltspring National Art Prize in 2015. 

November 4 - 27

Enda Bardell

Originally from Estonia, via Sweden, Enda Bardell is a Canadian Artist living and working in Vancouver, Canada.

Enda has studied at Vancouver Art School, and completed studio courses and workshops with prominent Canadian artists such as Toni Onley and Joan Balzar, both of whom she considers her mentors.

While maintaining an active art practice, Enda's inquisitiveness has taken her through stimulating creative careers such as costume designer, fabric artist and founder Enda B. Fashion Limited.

Enda has exhibited her work in many group and solo exhibitions. Two of her early abstract paintings were included in the Estonian Art in Exile exhibition at KUMU National Art Museum of Estonia in Tallinn in 2010. Her works have been also selected by the curators to be included in the museumís permanent historical collection.

December 8 - January 2

Mary Bennett - Visual Artist

Mary Bennett is a visual artist and community catalyst. She loves living in Kitsilano and is very engaged with the community of Vancouver's West Side. She has a B.Ed in Art Education and has studied with Jeanne Krabbendam at Emily Carr and privately.

January 20 - February 12

C. Vander Paula - Mixed Media Photography

C. Vander Paula is a visual artist based in Vancouver. BA (English, UBC), B Ed (UBC), MD (Queen's). And then Öfinally... BFA (Film,Video and Photography, Emily Carr)

I don't know why scratching the perfect surface of a photograph should be so satisfying - but it is. I also like bleaching, painting and spraying my photographs with various cleaning agents and even mystery liquids from the medicine cabinet. It is easy to go too far, of course, especially with the corrosives. When I find myself spending hours hunched over the computer, trying to recreate a stage of the image that lasted only for a moment in my chaotic experimenting, I know deep in my tired muscles that one of my themes must be trying to recapture something elusive that was glimpsed once upon a time.

February 13 - March 13

Marilyn Foubert - Weaving Assemblage
I find it fascinating to see what life brings me, to watch the magic unfold. My art holds a similar interest in discovering the components or objects that, when assembled in a particular way; create a sense of presence for the viewer.
This presence can evoke an energy about it, which creates a quality of silence, protection, eroticism. For me they speak a
To a state of grace.
It sometimes takes years for the particular sequence of events and possibilities to fall into place but when they do.

They speak my truth,
Marilyn Foubert

March 24 - April 16

Grazyna Wolski - Painter
An accomplished oil painter, Wolski is continuously looking for improvement, balance and harmony in her work and in her life. Art, she believes is spiritual in nature, very healing and therapeutic. Creative process, enthused by the endless beauty of nature - her flawlessness, yet imperfection - reminds her of her own journey, forever developing and unpredictable, yet also miraculous.

She feels a deep emotional connection with flowers; they are her infinite source of inspiration standing as a metaphor for how she feels about life and people.

She paints them to tell stories, evoke memories, bring joy and to please the senses of the viewer.

Wolski regularly spends time in and amongst the flowers and the world around us: taking photographs and using them as a reference when later working in her studio. She combines realistic lines, bold colours, light, spontaneity and intuition to portray not only the beauty of flowers, but the particular emotions and memories they evoke. She strives to recreate the meditative, uplifting qualities she sees in nature.

April 26 - May 20

John R. Taylor - Photographer

John R Taylorís Photography involves landscapes, architecture and environments - notably the American Southwest, New Orleans and Italy.
John is a Graduate of "Design" at Ryerson Institute of Technology (now Ryerson University) in Toronto, 1961. He has had a long career in the visual arts and is known as a Production Designer/Set Designer, and also as a film and stage actor.
June 2 - 25

Lisa Penz - Painter

Having spent the first 10 years of her creative career in Graphic Design, Lisa has an innate emotional and analytical relationship with color, which is always the star of her paintings. Lisa is deeply interested in how color effects you and this alone has motivated the transformation of her unique styleó from Figurative to Abstract, itís about what moves you.

The magic Lisa creates on the canvas can be attributed to her affinity with balance, as her paintings reach what she calls a 'Bliss Point' when the vibrance of her color choices unite with the power of the unassuming. Often through Pop Culture sensibilities and Animation themes, Lisa's electric works serve to illuminate you from the inside out so you may realize your forgotten desires of adolescence to awaken your own true north.

Lisa's fantastical works are largely inspired by her childhood memories of Disneyland. "A trip to the Magic Kingdom feels so personalized, even though you may be surrounded by hundreds of people; you can innately recognize yourself in all of that magic. Ultimately, I want to remind you who you are though my art and leave you in a state of awe."

July 13 - August 18

Martine Gourbault - Painter, Illlustrator, Dollmaker

Martine was born in Paris and has enjoyed a successful career as an artist in Toronto, New York and London, from magazine design and illustration to children's book illustration, painting and more recently, doll making. She has dabbled in set painting at Jericho Art Centre and currently curates the visual art exhibits in the theatre lobby. She will be exhibiting "super doodles" from her Folie Douce Series.


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