1. Please read the Guidelines first (PDF).
2. Check the JAC Availability Calendar
3. Submit the Preliminary Application Form.

JAC Availability Calendar
2019 / 2020 Season Application for performances in JAC
JAC Guest Productions
JAC Sample Rental Agreement
JAC Guest Production General Info Form
JAC Technical Info Form
JAC Logos
Please note that, if your application is short-listed, more detailed infrmation will probably be required.

General Criteria for Use

  • Not for profit use.
  • A range of arts activites such as performing arts and visual arts
  • Programs, classes, demonstrations, and performances.
  • Groups compatiable with the resident theatre.
  • Groups that fit into the time constrains of the centre
  • Groups that contribute to the overall goal
  • Groups that provide a finacial contribution in accordance with current rates.

Jericho Arts Centre Criteria for Productions

The following criteria are to be used by the jury when assessing applications for groups wishing to be part of the season they are in approximate order of priority:

General Contribution to the Overall Season

  • Strength of the script/piece to be performed
  • Does the work enhance the season which needs to include theatre, music and dance
  • Does the work contribute to involving all ages over the season
  • Will this provide experience that helps bridge between amateur and professional status

Marketability of the Production

  • Strength of the Marketing Plan
  • Credibility, skill, experience and training of personnel involved
  • Strength of creative vision for the production

Practicality of the Budget

  • Is it realistic and does it balance
  • Does it cover all the elements necessary for a successful production.

Practicality of the Technical and Performance Schedule

  • Is there enough time scheduled to accomplish technical requirements
  • Is the performance schedule appropriate

Connection to West Point Grey

  • Are the artists involved currently residing on or hailing from West Point Grey
  • Is the theme of the show relevant to or pertaining to the West Point Grey community