Three plays in Repertory

July 12 - August 18

Opening July 12
THE DARK ROAD by Ian Rankin & Mark Thomson

It’s been 25 years since Alfred Chalmers was convicted of the gruesome murder of four young women in Edinburgh. Isobel McArthur, Scotland’s first Chief Constable, was responsible for putting him behind bars, but the case has haunted her ever since. Now, with retirement approaching, McArthur decides the time has come for answers. To uncover the truth, she revisits the case and interviews Chalmers for the first time in decades.

Opening July 13
A FEW GOOD MEN by Aaron Sorkin

Based on true events that transpired at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in July 1986, A Few Good Men is a riveting courtroom drama that poses questions directly pertinent in our world today: what do we risk as a society as our reliance on the military increases? Should civilian oversight be eliminated in favour of a self-governing military that is answerable only to its own code of honour? How may we, as citizens and as a country, conduct ourselves honourably?

Opens July 14

Already heralded as a modern classic of Irish theatre, The Beauty Queen of Leenane, is set in the mountains of Connemara and tells the story of Maureen Folan, a plain and lonely woman in her early 40s, and Mag, her manipulative, aging mother. Mag’s interference in Maureen’s first and potentially last romantic relationship sets in motion a chain of events that are as tragically funny as they are horrific. McDonagh's script expertly teases out dramatic ironies in a tightly twisting plot to great suspense and excruciating comic effect.


Some of our patrons are allergic to perfume and scented grooming products (women's perfume, men's cologne)
Please be considerate.

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